Downtown Traverse City

Downtown Traverse City

Local shopping is excellent along Front Street, State Street, and Union Street. While this guide won't replace the feeling of walking there yourself, here are a few of our curated favorites to give your vacation todo list a little spark of inspiration.

Deli & Wine


If you have an upcoming barbecue, don't go anywhere else! Maxbauer's is a local specialty butcher with every cut of meat aged, seasoned, or marinated to perfection. Keep a handful of  accessory items nearby to feed the hungry grill master, like the curry turkey jerky.


The closest Traverse City has to walking down the isles of Italy, there's a selection of cured meats, olive oils, and lightly sweetened cookies here. With over 40 fresh made sandwiches options, the menu spans the length of the deli counter. Capicola, prosciutto, pancetta, soppressata, and salami; so many options will have you not just be eating with your hands, but speaking with your hands, too.


Known for their assortment of smoked fish, there's are many grocery items here for the perfect picnic. Whether it's a box of gluten-free crackers or a chilled kombucha, the store packs a flavorful punch for any summer day.

Mary's Kitchen Port

Cookware and other kitchen accessories with a small section of chilled deli items, including delicious premade sandwiches and a delectable rotation of sides. The classic Gobbler  sandwich with a side salad of the day makes for an excellent lunch on the go.


Greenhouse Cafe

Serving diner-style breakfast and lunch with better than usual quality. If you like classic breakfast options, you'll love their perfectly cooked hash and locally roasted coffee (with free refills.)

The Brew

A popular cafe for meetups for a reason. Offering coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and beer its late closing hours make it a great place for getting something quick to go or getting work done (when you REALLY should be on vacation.)


The Towne Plaza

Okay, this is really a brunch spot but If you drive down State Street it's easy for the FOMO to set in when you see all the people dining outside. With many healthy and locally sourced options to choose from, there's a good reason for it, too.

The Good Bowl

If you like healthy food, the Good Bowl has you covered with fresh Vietnamese favorites like pho, bahn mi, and dim sum. And if your party needs a platter, try changing it up with their fresh spring rolls and wings. They cater, too.

Slabtown Burgers

A bit further down West Front Street, is a summertime favorite burger joint. Outdoor seating, onion rings, and fun soda options mean the kids will love it, too.


North Peak Brewing Co.

Though it's a brewery, there are many great food options on the menu. Unlike other breweries, it's not just burgers or pizza (though those are on the menu, too), but there are steak and seafood options as well.


A more recent addition to the downtown dinner scene, Barrio offers unique street tacos you won't find anywhere else. The casual atmosphere, wide selection of mix drinks, and open garage doors on give it all the ingredient to be your new summertime favorite.


French cuisine that rivals anything you'd find in the city. Whether you're starting with a french onion soup or ending with a pâtisserie dessert there's always something to enjoy on the menu.


Low Bar

Downstairs from 7 Monks Taproom, there's a speakeasy bar in the basement serving mix drinks, wine, hard liquor, and small bites. The dark lighting, artistic vintage decor, and booth seating provide an intimate setting for couples and small groups.

Little Fleet

A social outdoor environment surrounded by food trucks is the perfect experience for the early evening. There are a few local drafts, wines, and cocktails (or mocktails) served to pair with any mixture of foods you find.

The Coin Slot

Full of pinball machines, classic arcade games, and even Skee-Ball it's the kind of noisy environment every adult loves. Bring quarters or smaller dollar bills for change, and your I.D. for  canned and bottled drinks.