Old Mission Penninsula

Old Mission Penninsula


Old Mission Point Park

Located near the end of the Old Mission Penninsula this trail is easy going, well maintained, and dog friendly.


The Jolly Pumpkin

If you're from Michigan you may have been to one this brewery before. However, if you liked it before you may love this one since it's near the water and on a small vineyard.


Chateau Grand Traverse

Their late harvest riesling seems to be distributed everywhere for a reason. They seem to always have great service and a beautiful sitting area.

Mari Vineyards

Founded by Marty Lagina from The Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel, this vineyard offers great wines at a reasonable price.

Chateau Chantal

Providing a view that has become a popular backdrop on Instagram, this winery also includes a good selection of lighter wines to chill on a midday.